Screen fluctuate at the time of robot run

Dear Team,

I am trying to run flow of excel copy paste. Trying to copy data from D column and paste it into E column. But after some time screen gets fluctuate. That means application misbehaved. Automatically goes to another screen.

Is that excel problem or rpa express problem?

Hi @amol_sonavane could you please provide more details: screenshots of how the screen looks at that time and should look, for example.

Hi Ashapkina,

Thanks for reply. I think its my laptop problem. I have paste my code on my lab server. Its working fine there…

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@amol_sonavane Okay, thank you for the info.

Can I ask you another question its related to another problem :slight_smile:

Sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually I have created one flow in that robot takes data from excel. Excel contains mail id’s.

Robot send mail perfectly. My outbox also showing sent mail. But once I check mailbox of mail person (which putted in To). they receive same mail twice.

How is it possible can you please tell me.

For example robot sent you “Hi” only one time. But you receive two mails of “Hi”

and in sent item it shows only one time.

Hi Ashapkina,

can you please help me in this case?

Does it happen to every email the bot sends? does it happen only to the emails the bot sends, and when a human does it, it is only received once?

its only happen when robot send. When human send it work perfectly :slight_smile:

can you please tell my why this happen?

I just tested it on a simple Outlook bot, and it worked. could you share your recording (just replace the actual data with test one).

please (2.2 MB)
attached code.

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