Screen resolution when bot launch an automation

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I have the same issue about the size resolution since the update to the last version of Worfusion.
Before the upgrade, all was working fine. Since the upgrade to 1.4, some of my automations don’t work anymore.
The Bot is not able to interpret and recognize some image captured with the last version, and when I want to make a new capture, I have the same issue discribed in the previous post : issue of screen resolution

On my side, I don’t use 4k screen, and the workaround proposed in the previous post (use Resource Tuner) don’t work for me :frowning:

Do you have any clue to solve it please ?

@francois_czaDq could you share any screenshots or the video of the problem with the resolution when you try to capture the image?

As you see, during the countdown, I have a classic resolution.
But during the “selection”, I see only a part of the screen.

After a modification in the settings of windows screen resolution, please see below what рappens when I try to select a region. I can only select a region in a part of the screen.
It is like the bot see only this part of the screen when he execute the automation.
Any idea ?