Screensaver mode - Scheduled Job - Fails on Random Actions


I can run the process successfully on the RPA Recorder Application, upload to the Control Tower and set up schedule to run every half hour. I have the following results:

  1. Run from Control Tower without a schedule - Executes successfully
  2. Scheduled Job runs while I am watching it - no screensaver comes up - Executes successfully
  3. Scheduled Job runs with screensaver active - Executes successfully sometimes; Throws a random Clipboard, SwitchScreen or MouseClick error.

In order to get the horsepower needed, I am running the process on a VM Computer with 4 CPU’s and 16GB of memory.


Scheduled Job runs with screensaver active

Currently the screensaver mode is not supported


The Screensaver is now turned off, However, when the job runs where the user is disconnected from the VM Computer, it still runs but continues with random errors or shows job success at 100% but nothing processed. Does anyone else run the RPA Express tool on the VM? How have you set it up? Any special policies, lessons learned, etc to consider?


RPA Express needs an active user session


The session is “active” and running - however, it is not connected to the user. According to this older post… S:\RPABOT\ARPayments\Orscheln\ARAFile.xlsx you cannot run the Bot on a VM yet - Is this true. Do you know what release this is scheduled to come up in?