Script does not run in Control Tower

I run a script in Recorder. It was working fine. But in control tower. it is not running.

It has to open a file and copy data from it
but it is not doing it :frowning:
can anybody help me ASAP
We are stuck
Please help

script.txt (2.8 KB)

Here is the script

please send the zipped RPA recorder script. It is located in the rpae_project folder in workfusion workspace.

Are sure your path is correct? D:\\VenD_RPA\\current_date.txt corresponds to D:\VenD_RPA\current_date.txt. You have an extra slash between VenD_RPA and current_date.txt. Same case with other paths as well.

Yes the path is correct. It is totally working fine in recorder. but in Control tower it is not working.
I putter double , because i read in some thread to put an extra \ for paths.
In Recorder, it working both ways, with single \ and with double \

It is working fine in recorder. no problem there. problem is in control tower.
also I have used text functions (all of them) which also work fine in Recorder but gave exception in Control tower.

I am not getting why this is happening.
we have to deliver a demo to client but things are getting worse.


Yes, I understand it. But could you still send the zipped script, we’ll try to reproduce the error.