Script runs fine in RPA Recorder but not in Control tower

After running it correctly in RPA Recorder I published my script to Control tower and it only seems to execute the first step which is opening the file explorer. Next step should be to click in the address field and write a folder location but this is not done when executing in control tower. Looking at the run events it opens file explorer 11 times, every 30 seconds until it stops.
The event log shows (same information 11 times):

events_2017-06-12 08-17-31.csv (140.9 KB)

Can you help?

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Hi, @timriewe, for some reason it can not find 1497082559672-anchor.apng image

  1. Check, if File explorer starts maximized in both cases, if no take a new screenshot
  2. You can find an element that is never changing (Anchor) and then click by offset from this anchor

Thanks @mzhalniarkevich, I did re-capture the image (same unique area as before) and now it starts.

But running via control tower gives very different resutls. It performs windows switches sometimes and sometimes not, the process is not completed and starts over from the beginning for a reason I dont understand, predefined text that it writes into an email is entered without the carriage returns as it does in RPA Recorder.
What is really the benefit of running a process via the control tower instead of running it in the RPA recorder directly? I see that I can combine it with manual tasks in control tower but if I have only bot tasks, does the use of control tower add any benefits?
Thanks for your insights!

Hi, @timriewe
Currently we are working on stabilizing the behavior to be exact in both environments

  1. For some reason script fails, and will try to repeat as many times as you set it in (Run BP -> Advanced options)

  2. Benefits: You can combine it with multiple tasks (steps), add human task, set it to work by schedule, create custom rules to process outcome of separate tasks
    Set repeat on fail.

  3. Can you, please, provide more info on errors you are facing?

OK, thanks for the additional information @mzhalniarkevich
the “try to repair failed tasks up to” is not editable, right? At least when I try to change it the field does not allow any input.

Errors are:

  1. not sure if its a bug or a feature, but once run the process in control tower the run option disappears from the proccess. What do I need to do to re-run the same process? I copied the original one and re-ran it. Is that the way?
  2. The switch windows action takes between 40 and 60 seconds. In RPA recorder maximum 10 seconds, which is also a lot.
  3. The last switch windows action (to an opened Outlook e-mail being edited) is not performed, that is where the process fails.
  4. Writing text into the email, the carriage returns are not observed:
    “Dear Sirs
    how are you?” (RPA Recorder, correct)
    "Dear Sirs how are you? (control tower, not correct)
  5. I combined a text with a variable and the space between the text and the variable is not observed:
    “This is the RLC for the month of June” (RPA Recorder, correct)
    “This is the RLC for the month ofJune” (control tower, not correct, the variable is “June”)

Kind regards

update: I found that error 3 was caused by error 5. The window is not found because the space in the name of the window is missing. I corrected that by using the option “enter window title or part of title”

Main problem that remains: it takes VERY long time to switch windows. The process now would take about 3 to 4 hours via control tower versus 30 minutes in RPA recorder.

Looks like I am not alone.

my process completes in about 6 mins in RPA recorder but once published to Control tower, it takes about 25 mins to complete.

some of steps run very well in recorder but once published to control tower, there are unknown issues to get it running in control tower.

So that this is the most frustrating part of the overall experience with RPA express: 1) different behavior between RPA recorder and Control tower 2) slow speed in executing the scripts

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Hi, Any update on point #1 ? how can a published business process run again in Control tower?


Hi, @BShanbhag_D
Simply copy BP with data

  1. For now this is expected behavior if you open application with double click, for example.
    If you use “Open Application” action, execution should be faster.

  2. Probably title changed there, try to use part-title

  3. We have an issue for that. Will try to fix it soon

  4. Try to add space before variable text

Finally caught up with you guys. Made a script in the recorder, works ok ( smart :smiley: but a bit slow). but when I publish to the Control Tower its suching the entusiasme out of me.:slightly_frowning_face: I have Citrix installed, but I don’t think this is the problem.

Running on a virtual PC, have set the memory to 8 GB and 4 cpu. This helped a bit. Does it require a real server?
I am having a hard time debugging when things fail on the control tower.

Any advice?


Hi, @timn

  1. Open BP
  2. Go to Result tab
  3. Click on config
  4. Click on blue icon and get the error you have
    send it here + log file from


Thanks for the fast reply. As I said the script runs in the Control Tower, but very slowly.

Tim (8.4 KB)

Hi again
you’ve send just the latest record INFO
Please, find one with ERROR type

Hi again

where should I be looking? when I click on the blue icon I se one line. This is the file I exported to Excel and sendt.

According to progress bar and you logs - script was executed.
i do not quite understand your question then


Ja it runs just very slowly.


Was there an answer to this? I am having the exact same problem. It will run in RPA Recorder for 4.5 min, however, once set up in control tower it takes 45 minutes - 10X longer. I have it running on VM and have increased memory to 16GB from 8GB as it was running at 80% but it has not helped. CPU , Disk, Memory all low %'s in monitoring the process in control tower.

UPDATE - Upgraded to 1.1.6 and it now works