Scripting language for RPA Express [documentation]



I would like to know which scripting/programming language can be used to integrate with RPA express,
to program more logic,conditional scripts.

Can you please help me out on this


hi @VParamasivam

Thank you for the question.
Currently you can code in groovy via Control Tower. We also considering the feature which would allow to code custom actions thru groovy.

Please vote on this topic if you want to bump up the priority of documenting the scripting capabilities with RPA Express.

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My +1 for scripting capabilities with RPA Express.



Thanks for your response,

We are currently workingout to Automate our Desktop application using RPA Express

Can you please let me know if the below possibilites are viable

  • Excel file handling
  • Notepad file handling for Read and Write dynamic results
  • Database connectivity

By integrating Groovy with RPA Express will the above capailities feasible , kindly clarify


This will really help VParamasiva,
Excel, note-pad and Database are commonly required for daily AMS work.


Hi Suyong Doshi,

Can you please let me know , If the auto generated Groovy scripts can be taken off and Run via “Groovy Console or Eclipse” as standalone .

we are trying to design a Test Framework to structure Reusable functions .

Can you please share your thoughts