Secrets Vault - how to get working in Control Tower?

I am having trouble getting this to work in Bot Tasks / Control panel. I enabled use of the Secure Storage in Studio however when I convert the recording to Bot Task (or try to run the recording in Control Panel) I get error message stating:

No such property: workfusion_bot_task_service_registry for class: Script1

The variable definitions look like this:

def txtpassword = workfusion_bot_task_service_registry.get(SecretVault.class).findEntry(‘MyAlias1’).map({ it.getValue() }).map({ RString.of(it) }).orElseGet({ RString.of(’’) })

Am I missing some plugin and how to fix the issue?

Hi @peke_robot Secrets Vault doesn’t work in Control Tower in the current release

Integration with Control Tower will be available in the next version of RPA Express 2.1.0. We will release it by the end of this week.

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Fantastic to hear this functionality is just around the corner! This is super valuable feature for us. Thanks for the update!

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