Secrets Vault in Control Tower

I have updated workfusion and use Secret vaults in the process and Exported it in control tower but the process fail and gave me this Error in

@o_islam_elba1a have you created the same secret entry “password” in Control Tower Secrets Vault?

It works now after adding it in the control tower vaults

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could you please tell me the steps to use secure vaults in process and exported it in control tower.

@ddivya you can find a step-by step tutorial and a video in the Knowledge base

thanx @ashapkina could you please do one more favour by telling me the same for data storage option of control tower.

@ddivya you need to create the same entries in Secrets Vault in Control Tower for the recordings to work there. You can read more in this guide

thnx @ashapkina what about manual task operations of control tower

@ddivya could you provide more details? What exactly do you need to do?

@ashapkina could please show me some videos how to create manual task in control tower and the exact difference between manual task and business process.

@ddivya you can find this in the Knowledge base:
guide -
training video -

thnx @ashapkina

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please create a separate topic for this and provide more details: the complete error log, screenshot of the action that fails.

Thank you

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