Secrets vault variable issue when running BP that contains two Bot tasks -RPA v.2.1.1

I have published a BP in Control Tower that consists of 2 Bot Tasks with no input data. Both bot tasks are similar, with variables that get values from the same excel file and also the same Secret vault variable is used.
The first bot task is always completed successfully but the second is always throwing an exception before any actions are made by the Bot.
From the exception text "org.webharvest.exception.PluginException: [urn:uuid:6DEE847CBF7E9E598015381245258938] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Representation ‘thevalueofsecretvaultvariableKey’ is unknown to RString mask ‘.’
i can see that something is wrong with the value of the secret vault variable (i have changed the value here since it contains sensitive data).
Both Bot Tasks are tested in Control Tower as standalone BPs and working perfectly.
How can i fix this issue?

Hi @ptsioumas

it is a bug in the current version. We have created a ticket to fix it.
Meanwhile, as a workaround, please use different Secret variables in the bot tasks within one business process.

Thanks for the workaround and please let me know about the new version.
By the way i have noticed that if i generate a snapshot on a successful BP step, a csv is generated that also contains the values of Secret vault variables that were used.
Is this a normal behavior?
if yes,in my opinion it is a security threat.
Can this also be fixed, or at least an option to hide the values of those variables maybe?

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@ptsioumas sure, I will post an update here once the version with the fix is released.

Thank you. Yes, we are planning to change this behavior, this data will not be shown in the results.

Any news about the fix?

Hi @ptsioumas we are planning to release the version with the fix in mid-November.

Are the issues fixed in v2.1.3?
Can you please provide a link to download the installer?

@ptsioumas we have fixed this bug, but haven’t included it in the new release yet.

@ptsioumas this issue has been fixed

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