Secure Data and Control Tower password and username change

Good day

Please provide a guide on how do I change the default control tower and secure data password and usernames to what I want

Thank you

Hi Gerhard,
You currently cannot change the default credentials for RPA Express components.


Any idea when this feature will be implemented. Currently I can use the secure store to save all my password and use it with my RPA Express recording in the control tower, but I need to change the default credentials…

We do have plans to introduce this feature eventually, but we will not be able to do it in the nearest releases.

Very strange that change of credentials seems such a big task…it is one of the most important features in the process from a security perspective

How i use the secure storage is as follow

in secure storage I used the below

Create a bot task in the business process section

add the below code to the bot task:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <secure-store-get alias="key1" />

            Map entryMap = secureEntryMap.getWrappedObject();
            com.freedomoss.crowdcontrol.webharvest.web.dto.SecureEntryDTO obj = entryMap.get("key1");
            username = obj.getKey().toString();
            password = obj.getValue().toString();

 <export include-original-data="true">
   <single-column name="user_name" value="${obj.getKey().toString()}"/>
     <single-column name="password" value="${obj.getValue().toString()}"/>

I then add another bot task to the next to this one from my recorder…that uses the values from the secure storage

due to this i really need to be able to change the credentials as this is the only viable way to use passwords etc

Hi @gerhardus_meyer, we have added Secure Storage as an optional feature in RPA Express 2.0.2.

It is disabled by default, to enable it:

  • Go to C:\RPAExpress\Studio\configuration
  • Open file config.ini for editing
  • Add com.workfusion.featureflag.secret=true at the end of the file
  • Save the file

It would be great if you could try it out and let us know what you think of it.
If you have any feedback on it please share.

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will do, love the extra security features

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