Secure Passwords



Hello everyone.

I am using RPA Express and I want to have secure passwords. In a recording, one step requires a password input. I can save the password in a variable or using keyboard instruction. I think this is not the securest method for passwords.

Is there a feature in Workfusion RPA Express Edition to secure passwords?
Or, do you have ideas, procedures or best practices to handle passwords in RPA?

Thanks in advance.

Password masking

Here is an option another user provided until you get Password vault going… Have 3 userid/passwords…

  1. Access to the PC. Personal ID
  2. Access to the VM that runs the Bot and executes a script
  3. Access to the ERP - The bot reads a file in a secure location based on VM ID security to get the password for that job. Limited to only that 1 set of transactions.

No access from external sources

Any idea how to handle login keyword/password

you can post in the secure storage section in the control tower and recall it form there