Select element on the page

I would like to choose from the list on website. One item.
For Example
On page:
in position: "Temat wiadomości"
I would like to choose: " Nabory wniosków"
how to do it.
I can not use the web element for this task

@lukasz_mazursi Why can’t you use web actions?
Using xpath would be the best way to do it.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
I creating value "list"
string "Nabory wniosków"
choose Open Website url ""
next choose Web Element Set value
Input = Use value from variable "list"
XPath of the element = "//*[@id=“filter_Tematwiadomosci”]"
what am I doing wrong.
Where is the tutorial telling how to use the web element

I think in this case you cannot set value in the select box as you are only allowed to select the options and not allowed to type.

You can use mouse click instead.
Here is an example of how you can do it. (911 Bytes)

I added wait actions because of the preloader.

I’ve already solved the problem.
I did exactly as you wrote.
Thank you.

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Great :+1:
Here are some links with info on using web actions:

Can u pls help me to right click all files one by one in this page .

@workstation it is a window in some desktop application?
Try using a Window control option to click on the item.

It is not a window application @ashapkina it is a page which comes under web application. In our organization we are using this for report fetching.Can u pls explain me clearly.

Thanks for ur support.