Selecting Excel Actions

I am having issues selecting actions in Excel after a Launch Application action. I swear this worked before but now routinely fails. Ultimately I am trying to open a csv (because I couldn’t find a way to open csv with Excel action) and save to xlsx. I used inspector to find the Selector of the button I am first trying to click on but upon execution it says can’t find that button.

Hopefully I pasted the right image (only see path to it) (sorry first timer here)

Also, how do I use inspector to get the Save As submenu item under File tab?


Hi @thomasfountain
not sure what the problem is that the mouse click doesnt work but in general for standard commands like “save as” I would always recommend using short cuts via key strokes. They are much more reliable than mouse clicks.

You can find a good collection here:

Yes I agree heartily, Keystrokes working well…one last issue is how do I click on the drop down for file type in the Save As dialog and then again on Excel Workbook in the drop down. Seems the only way to get a CSV saved as an xlsx.I tried using the Inspector but it doesn’t seem to drill down into drop downs.

many thanks, Tom

Hi @thomasfountain
you can select the drop down for the file type also via key strokes. In my Excel (O365 spanish version) it is ALT-T once you are in the save-as dialogue. Then you can use down/up keys to select the file type you want. To save as xlsx in that drop down just use the home button as xlsx should be the first item in that list.
Best regards!

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To save a csv file to xlsx try using the keyboard Shortcut F12. open the csv file and press F12(Enter Keystroke) This directly opens the Save As dialogue and you can select the drop down from the list. Hope this helps.

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@thomasfountain you need to have mouse click action nested inside Window action.