Send new input data in scheduled business process

How do I send and upload a new input data set to be processed by a business process each hour, for example?
I have a new set of transactions that I want to upload every hour and have the business process executed for those new transactions. I have set up the schedule, but it wants the data upfront. What am I missing?


Hi, @brendanv if you don’t have the data in advance, you can add actions to your script to get the data that the bot will need to process at the very beginning of the script. It is possible that in this case, you will need to re-make the script a little bit, i.e. add Loops to the workflow.

Hello @ashapkina,
Isnt there a workarond? Im facing same problem, bot runs twice a day reading an excel sheet with hundreds of transactions if I change script to extract data from excel sheet and use loop then I wont be able to have the results tap by record, It will only show that one record was processed which is bad for analysis

Hi @said033 we have a special ETL task in Control tower that you can use to split data in the middle of the process.
So you can have a task to get all records from an Excel file in a list or table variable and then split it.

You can more info here:

Hope it will help!

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