Sending mail once but receiving twice

We are running the bot for an outlook automation in which it is fetching data from an excel sheet.The bot is sending the mail once to a specific person but the person is receiving twice in its inbox.
Capture|217x200 Capture1

Hi @sonali_parida judjing by the screenshot, these are two separate emails as the subjects are different.

Hi @ashapkina these are the two mails that is sent by bot, but at the time of receiving i am getting 2 copies of the recent one.

@sonali_parida As I understand, this is the same issue @amol_sonavane is having

Could you please send your recording so we can try and reproduce it from our side with the same settings.

Thank you

please find attached code (2.2 MB)

Thanks a lot @amol_sonavane we will try to reproduce it.

ok Ashapkina,

We are waiting for solution :slight_smile:

@amol_sonavane I tested it several times, but couldn’t reproduce this issue - the email is sent and received once. Perhaps, it can be related to your Outlook settings?

Also, I notices you use a lot of keystrokes to automate Outlook. You can replace them with clicks in Window controls - it will help make the script shorter.

Ok Thanks…

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