Sending mail using custom script

Dear Team,
I am new to WorkFusion RPA,can anyone guid me or provide a link to learn how to send mail using custom script from scratch ? Thank you for your time.


Hi @hectosh you cannot send an email using a Custom script, but you con do it either using Recorder and interacting with the application’s UI or using mail plugin in a bot task.

You can find documentation on the mail plugin in WorkFusion Studio: Help - Help Contents - Machine task plugins - Standard Web-Harvest processors - mail.

There are also several topics on the forum about using mail plugin, like this one

Hope it helps

@ashapkina Thanks for your prompt reply.

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I would like to access this frum page but I get the message “Sorry you don’t have access to that topic”. If I remember well I was able to access it a few days ago.
Can you please let met know if this is normal ?

@incolow try opening it now

thanks a lot, it’s working now :slight_smile:

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