Sending mail via RPA Express

Hi @ashapkina

I am looking for a good solution to send emails via RPA Express robot.
I looked up couple of posts in this forum, but they say that it is not possible to use mail plugin from WF Studio in RPA Express via manual action/script.

I am referring to this snippet:

<mail smtp-host="xxx" to="xxx"
                            from="xxx" type="html" subject="xxx" charset="UTF-8">

I wonder if you have a update on that? When can it be implemented in RPA e or if any workarounds exist today?

We would really prefer to use something different rather than opening Outlook each time we have to send email…

Thanks in advance,

Hi @aleksandrs.bogdanovs do you want to use it in a Custom action in Recorder, not in a bot task?

Hi @ashapkina, I want to use this functionality in Actions Flow (I assume Script action would be most appropriate).

@aleksandrs.bogdanovs you cannot use it in the Actions flow (there is no functionality for sending email that you can use in Custom Action).

You can use the mail-plugin only in the bot task. You can:

  • create the actions flow you need in the Recorder, export it to a bot task and add the code to send the email. However, if you need to edit the recording after that, you will need to export it and add the code again.
  • create a separate bot task for sending the email in the Studio, publish it to Control Tower as a separate bot task and add it to the business process’s workflow.

It is also possible to create a bot config for sending the email and then include it in another bot config as shown here

Can you please tell me how to write a code in Bot Task for sending email. I need one sample for sending email.

I got the solution from How to send Mail with attachment link.

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