Sentence Case for Values in an Excel Document


Im looking for away to change case of a value in a table that i have saved my excel document and using ${datatable.get(${num},3)} to get a specific value through a loop where every time my row number increases by one .

I have tried putting this ${datatable.get(${num},3)} in a string to convert the it to sentence case but it returns as text and not the value I need.

I have even tired to set it as a constant value and then change cases ,it does not work

@aadila.rawat you cannot change the case of a value in the table. You need to save it to a String variables, and then change the case, and insert back in Excel.

Try doing this: save the column that you need to change to a List variables, for each value in it - copy the value to a String variables and change its case, and insert it back in Excel file. (770 Bytes)