Separator for rows is not working (Windows CR+LF)

i want to parse some data to table var, but the rows are not separated properly.

here’s detailed



it looks fine on the workfusion studio, but parsed table has only 1 rows and 4 columns
I think this is because, row separating is not working.

“[[productA, 50000 productB, 148000 productC, 70000]]”

is there any way to get proper table that i want? (1.3 KB)

Hello @jayj.j.

Please try to use another separator “Linux / MacOs” (see my screenshot below). I checked on my side and it works as expected, got 3 rows and 2 columns in results.


Thanks @valeryia_rabchykava !! It works!

I thought the option ‘Linux/Mac OS(LF)’ is only for those OS.

Thanks again!

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Hope that I could help you :slight_smile:
Yes, it should be for Linux/Mac only, but for some reason it also works in Windows. We will investigate with development team.
Thank you!

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