Server connectivity problem

I can’t run business processes connecting through a server to which the process has been published.

If there is particular documentation on the server version, it would be great.

@duljeet_muhtas what error do you get when you try to run the business process?

I’ve added a new server profile so as to connect to the server, then published my processes into the control tower of the server version.

When i run it on the control tower, error is being shown. How do the server version actually works?

There is a pro version on the server and my local is the free version. How do i proceed with that?

@duljeet_muhtas you should be able to open remote Control Tower deployed on the Server in the browser and then perform actions there depending on your role:

What error do you receive? Please share a screenshot and the error text.

@duljeet_muhtas do you still get this error? If you do, please provide the requested details.
Thank you.