Server time zone settings



I’m using RPA Express 1.1.0. I think by default the server time zone setting is having GMT timezone? How do I change it? Since I’m in a different timezone, its causing issue while creating schedules. Pls suggest on how to set the server timezone in workfusion RPAExpress.


Server Time Zone + Date modified filter [in russian]

Have the same question!


I have the same question . That’s why Schedule Process status is showing pending.


@JThangaswamy - the default server timezone is GMT.

You can see it when creating a schedule -

In RPA Express you cannot switch the time zone. Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize it.


I felt that this feature is a must-have feature if you target international customers. It’s not sth good to have, so that users vote to prioritize.


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel - this feature is available in our flagship product - WorkFusion SPA.


@azinchuk will this be made available in RPAe?


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel - it depends on the voting and the current product activities. Not in the upcoming release for sure.

We’ll keep you informed when something changes. Thanks for your pro-activity.