Server was stopped because of license problem



When ever I am running start-wf.bat from C:\RPAExpress\Workfusiion using command prompt. It terminates after showing that the server was stopped because of license problem.


@RKumar_PwC2, you do not need to run any bat files, everything should be started or stopped through Platform monitor only.

Please see the following topic:


Thanks @azinchuk.
I did this because I was not able to start the Control Tower using the Platform Monitor.



Was your issue resolved?


Hi @mabramchik,
Yes, Issue was resolved.
I had to uninstall everything. Restart the computer and install it again.
Once the installation was done i set the path for RPAE_JRE_HOME in environment vars.
Then everything worked fine.


We do not use RPAE_JRE_HOME
I think, that in your case a simple re-install helped. This variable, actually does not do anything


RPAE_JRE_HOME is actually used whenever you start catalina.
You can see that if you start the server from command prompt.
In my case it was not able to take it. So I had to define it as an environment variable.


@RKumar_PwC2, what version are you using?