Server+Workstation single machine installation without rdp window launch


We have a server+workstation installed on one machine but would want to run processes without launch of RDP window. We have limited the process count to 1 and for ms-licence reasons would like to run this on the local window. Where should we update the configuration? Earlier it was possible to adjust this in the local_bot.yml file.


And more specifically. We run server+workstation installation on Windows Server 2019, where RDP window is launched along bot server startup. On Windows 10 pro installation this does not happen.

@peke_robot the option to play business processes from Control Tower on the local bot has been removed. You can only do it if your machine has a non-server operating system where you cannot have RDP connections.

Thanks again for prompt answer.

Single bot on RDP window -approach is actually very good however need to investigate bit further how we get our processes to run on those without errors.

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