Set value of a excel cell to a variable value containing \n


Hi Guys,

I am working on WorkFusion Express. I have a string recorder variable which contains value similar to below quoted example:

Variable name- sport_played
Variable Value:

Basically all values separated by “Enter”(or \n). Now, i want to paste this “sports_played” variable value to a single cell in excel. I try to do this using Excel>SetCellValue to variable.

But, i get an error saying- “Expecting anything but \n, found it anyway” and the process stops

Can anybody suggest how to solve this?

I tried to replace the string value “\n” by a comma “,” (as i am ok with having all sports names separated by comman in a cell if possible) but, that also didn’t work.

Thanks in advance,



you are trying to set a “Cricket,Volleyball,Badminton,Football” string to a cell and it does not work?