Set value on an "display-block" element

Hello team,

I’m trying to set value into a xpath with html “display-block” style, (see image below), the table in which im working has an overflow style, so I can set value on all other xpaths from the table but not the one highlighted, I tried with mouse click on xpath and image and none of those work.

Also see the error:

Hello @said033.

Are you able to enter something in this element manually?

Hello @Lera

Yes, Im able to type in manually on all the inputs of that table.

And what XPath do you use for this element?

I have used these two:


But non of them work.

Can you try with //td//input[contains(@name, 'salesTerritoryRuleName')]? Or some variations of this XPath.
Also I can suggest to try with Mouse Click action if it works before setting value.

Hi lera,

I used the xpath and didnt work, still i found out the fix.

Looks like there is a hidden table with same values and that is why xpath is not found.

I used a xpath starting from the non hidden table and its working now:

Thanks for your help !


Glad to know that you were able to resolve your issue! :blush: