Setting dimensions of image

Is there any way to set the dimensions of a particular image? I opened some image file, it get zoomed out, so it can be adjusted using scroll bar(2 times) to set the image. But the problem is that some images already appear in set mode, as I am using loop for different images. So how to deal with this? Anyone?

Hello @vinayak.
Do I understand you correct that you have images with different dimensions and you need to make them similar in order to process by your script?

yes exactly mam. Only thing i want that image doesn’t zoom out of my screen.

There is no transparent way to define it now.

Is scrolling the only way to set the correct zoom?
Perhaps, you can set it by clicking on elements of the application and typing, for example, clicking on the Zoom field, typing 100% and pressing Enter? This way it will set the same zoom regardless of how the image is opened.

Hi @vinayak did you try the solution above? did it help?

Actually there is no option of entering 100% zoom in that software.

Do images have some common part that you can use to understand whether the image has the correct dimension?
If they do, you can try this: when the bot opens the file, it will look for this image part. If it finds it - it means that the image has the correct dimension, and the bot can process the image. If it doesn’t find it - the bot uses the scroll bar first, and then processes the image.


The way you are telling may not work. I am uploading screenshots u can check. I always want when my image opens it must set in dimensions of figure1(in screenshot). There is another screenshoot in which image is zoomed in and i have to set according to dmns of figure 1. is there any way? May be color diff may help.fffff.docx (708.0 KB)

hi @ashapkina did you find any solution for the above problem?

If there is no image that you can use as an anchor to look for, I cannot come up with any other solution right now.