Setting Google Chrome Driver Preferences


I am trying to ensure that google chrome always asks to specify a download location(download pop up box). Does anyone know how to set these preferences?

I am using the “Universal Driver” and " inChrome()" to perform my Chrome Operations.


Hello @pereira.nj.
Do you mean how to set up default download location in your bot task (Code perspective) in Studio?

Hi @pereira.nj.
Is your question still actual?

Hi @pereira.nj,

Welcome to the Forum, let me guess as per the question you wanted to download and save the file in specific location.

where the location of saving that file is your preferred location.

which can be handled in two different ways,

  1. You can go to Chrome browser and check the option as shown in below image and thus if you try to download anything that will invoke save as file window and then you can input your preferred location, file name in respective fields and save the file.

    You can find the above option in "Advanced Settings"

  2. You can use the “DownloadFileonAgent(downloadUrl, filePathToBeSaved)” inside the “inChrome() {}” in “Universal Driver” which will sure do the trick.

Thanks for posting Queries and Please let me know if anything further concerns need to be addressed :slight_smile: