Simple Loop is skipping steps



I have a very simple test recording that loops through the variables in a list and pastes the contents and then sends the enter key to make a new line. However the new line is never created as the program just pastes both list entries one after another never entering the new line.

The recording looks like this

And the last ‘Enter Keystokes’ is not run.

This is the output after running.



@bobpeers - it seems that your list is not correctly parsed from the clipboard.

Please show us the Action # 4 parameters.

And also check the script log contents -


Step 4 looks like this

and the log looks like this:

The strange thing though is that if the list isn’t parsed correctly I’d still expect a newline at the end of the process but that doesn’t happen.


Hello @bobpeers

looks like you are using notepad++ and auto-complete is enabled
you may disable this feature via Settings - Preferences - Auto-Completion

or add additional Enter Keystrokes ({ENTER}) command

to check if list separated correctly please use ‘Test settings’ button
your case will work correct with ‘Linux / MacOS line break (LF)’ separator

Best regards,


Good catch :slight_smile: Thanks for the help it works perfectly now.