Solution for Use case

Hi Need solution for one of the use case. with code, please help.

1.Use 5 business cards as input data for the business process

2.Bot task OCR Cards fetches 3 fields (company name, city and email).

3.Add the rule that will divide your data flow into 2 ways: if the company name is WorkFusion, then go to bot task Get Time — otherwise go to bot task Save Results to Excel.

4.Bot Save Results to Excel should create an Excel file with 3 columns: Company name, City and Email. The information about the company Plotmaps should be added there.

5.Bot task Get Time uses website to find the current time in your city and current time in the city of company WorkFusion. Store this time in 2 different variables.

6.Bot Outlook Send Mail should send emails to all owners of business cards with the company name WorkFusion. Subject of the email – “Let’s make a call”. Email text: “Hello everyone! Let’s make a call tomorrow at [here you specify the current time in the city of company WorkFusion]. Please take into consideration that in my city the time will be [here you specify the current time in your city]. Regards!"

Hello can any one respond to it.

Hi @Ramesh you can implement this use case using Recorder actions.
There are samples showing how to OCR cards, fill in Excel files and send Outlook emails in the Examples library:
You can download and use parts of these recordings in your script.

Also, have you taken the RPA Express course in the Automation Academy? It will give a good understanding of how to use Actions Library


I have taken course already but while doing practice am facing problems in navigations and loops and steps flow how it is working.

Is it possible to have a call on clarifying few things , few inputs needed.

What is the way to request for demo ? can you guide me for that

or Demo option is available or not ?

We do not usually provide demos for RPA Express. You actually can contact the manager of the COE in your company, they’ll direct you for the correct person for this inquiry.

By the way, for OCRing cards, download this sample

ok fine,

need a solution for this

I have a input csv file with some links , I need to iterate 1 by 1 to open in browser and doing OCR

1 record am able to do it but I am unable to do it more than 1 file

Where do you have this problem? In WorkFusion Studio or Control Tower?

Work Fusion studio

Can your share your recording and the input csv file here?

Business Card Links.csv (1.5 KB)

Please check the csv file I need to do OCR for all the links

You can put the links to the files in a .xlsx file, use Get Column action to read them in a list and then use For Each loop to OCR each card in the loop. So, all the above actions need to be in the loop.

What is this ${Card} from where it has come

It is failing at opening URL in browser, also there is a confusion on ${Card} where it is exactly.

${card} is the variable containing the current element from the list. The default name of this variable is ${element}.
See these videos on using For Each loop

and Variables

They will give you a better understanding of it.

Finally it is working fine OCR bot task.


•How to use one bot task variable results in another bot task ?

•Can we create bot task in Control Tower ?

@Ramesh you should create bot tasks in WorkFusion Studio only. The data is transferred from a bot task to a bot task through variables. Here is a guide demonstrating how to build a process out of several tasks and how data passes from task to task:

Once we publish any bot task to Control Tower later if we modify some thing and again publish to control tower

Will the old task gets updated ?


There will be 2 same bot tasks old and new ?

Depends on how you publish it