SPA 9.3 with SAP GUI Automation

We’re glad to announce the release of SPA 9.3 which offers SAP GUI automation! :partying_face:

Previously, we provided SAP automation through APIs and web applications. The new release introduces a genuine SAP GUI desktop automation.

The GUI is intuitive and aimed at business users, with a new SAP connector making interaction with the desktop client more robust.

You can read about SAP GUI Automation in our Knowledge Base*

Read more about SPA 9.3 in the release notes*

If you want to update to a new version, contact your account managers.

*SPA documentation is available to SPA customers and partners.

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I use SPA v. r.224f5740 and. I’ve tried to use Nexus repository with RPA Express by " Use Nexus Repository with RPA Express" or “Developer Environment Configuration” but file \RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\conf\ doesn’t exist.
Can somebody help with that?