Special characters typed wrong with keyboard layout changed


I’m trying to type stuff on-screen with the “Enter Keystrokes”-action (or SendKeys() function on custom/groovy script), but it seems to have the wrong keyboard layout set up. This prevents me from typing special characters (Å, Ä, Ö) at all and other characters go wrong based on what keyboard layout I have set on the computer. For example, typing "-_+?" works fine on US keyboard layout, but if I change the layout to Finnish, "-_+?" becomes "+?´`"

WorkFusion version is 2.2

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Hi, @eetupurtonen we reproduced this issue from our side. It is a bug, we have created a ticket to fix it.

Thanks for the quick answer. Is there any quick workaround for the issue, or is this just an issue that I need to wait for a fixed version for?

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Yes, you can save the text that you need to type in a variable, and instead of typing it with Enter Keystrokes you can copy it to Clipboard and paste using Ctrl+V.

That works. Thanks.

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