Starting with RPA Express


I am perhaps new to RPA Express, but have experience with other RPA tools.

I have now downloaded to test this tool out for comparison of other tools, but:

  1. I can’t even get it to open a simple Excel file
  2. What is the Remote Desktop for . . . ?

Would love to hear from someone so I can continue testing


HI Karen,

Remote desktops let you run several business processes at the same time. Or, you can run a business process on a remote desktop and be able to use your local desktop at this time.

Regarding the other question: does it show an error when it tries to open the file?

Thanks for your quick reply . . . cool function . . . unfortunately, I cannot start the RPA Express in the Remote Desktop . . . will have to have a look . . .

Thanks again

@kalmeida do you open the remote desktop and tried to start RPA Express directly there? There is no need to do it. Remore Desktops are only for running scripts from Control Tower.

You should create all bots on your local desktop. Then you can publish your recordings to Control Tower, and run several of them at a time (or create several copies of the same process and run them). You will see that they will be executed simultaneously on different desktops.

Aha, nice feature . . . thanks again :slight_smile:

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Perhaps off topic . . . what do you know about read csv values with delimeter . . . ?

could you provide a bit more details of what you need to do?