Stopping while loop


Is it possible to force stop a while loop?

My 1st question:
What I am doing is looping throughout data to create items. I am using OCR to check the status of the data. However, when I use keystroke the results into excel, using boolean within excel, i realise that the words does not match, as shown below:

Is this due to to character difference or type? (eg UTC-7 char and something else?)
My second question:
Continuing on, if it matches, excel will generate a ‘go’ (formula seen below) :

I want the loop to start again when it copies ‘go’ to a variable. How can I do this? Right now I’m forcing a restart via a forced error handling that will end up as an error. My actions are as below:

However this is causing RPA to NOT restart the loop and instead carries on to the next step… How do we force restart the loop?

Right now, I am using ‘contains’ instead of ‘equals’ and ‘matches regex’ to detect the word ‘go’ because the two latter does not work. Is there other ways to detect the word ‘go’? And why is this happening? Additionally, does the knowledge base contain a tutorial to teach how the regex works? Since RPA is based on Java and Groovy, is the regex syntax the same as the two languages?

Thank you.



You need to use the Text / Trim Whitespace action on the value you copied from Excel, because it contains a line brake at the end.