Store values in a table variable and use it when a execution time


I have following Excel Sheet.
I need to extract password according to Company name and Bank Account number. Using RPA express I handle this senario by apply Data filter on Excel and filter colum accoding to Company name and Account number. It’s works fine.
But my client need to enhance this process by prefomance wise. so,

  • Quection - How can I store this data into a Table variable and handle the senario that I explain above ?

For loop with if statements

@azinchuk @mzhalniarkevich If you can please help me


Can you search just by Account Number or this number can be the same for different companies?



here is a script that gets a pass code by company name and bank account N:

company-excel-v2.7z (8.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot. I am downloading the new version of RPA express. Then I will get back you


i have the same problem but I have a third column,that contains lets say username

how do I extract the username(unique for each account) when the company and account is true from the table ?