String manipulation



Is there an approach to perform various kinds of string manipulations on assigned string variables. Eg: How to perform trim, etc operations on strings through Workfusion.


The feature is unavailable at the moment and planned for the next release.

Next time please double check what is available for the present version of RPA Express

Check what is available in RPA Recorder

For available and planned features refer to the Release Notes


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@varun.chopra - the initial version of String manipulation actions was released in the RPA Express 1.1.0:

KB link -

In the new release (May 29), we will add more text actions:

  • Replace Text
  • Change case
  • Split Strings
  • Get length
  • Substring Between

Please try them out and provide your feedback.


I also kind of often use:
FIND - serch for a starting position for a textstring in a bigger text string.

If you can make a
would be usefull as well.