Stripes.log gets very large

My stripes.log file in tomcat writes about 1 GB a day and i was wondering if it would cause any harm to write protect that file.
BTW i have it Write protected now for testing.

It is not recommended to do this. It is better to stop Control Tower once a day and delete logs.

BTW, why do you generate such a dig amount of logs – how many process instances do you run a day?

I run 48 per day (every 30min) and its a small BP, but it went from writing a GB a week to a GB a day after adding two Exception handling Blocks With 2 actions in each, i suspect this is what Writes a lot.

I have also been using the wait action insted of the inbuilt delay in each action but as mentiond, this was not a problem before. (I will replace these wait actions today)

Will Write protect slow the BP down in any way or is there any other reason for not doing this? I would like to get this all running for long periods of time without any maintenance.


Please complete the following steps:

  1. Stop the Control Tower
  2. Open the C:\RPAExpress\Workfusion\tomcat\webapps\workfusion\WEB-INF\log4j.xml file
  3. Find the <appender name="stripes" class="org.apache.log4j.FileAppender" > section
  4. Change <param name="threshold" value="debug"/>
    to <param name="threshold" value="info"/>
  5. Save the file and start Control Tower.

If you want to reduce the logs even more, you can change all the debug values in the log4j.xml to info

Thanks for the response.

I will run the BP in this configuration untill Monday, and i will see how much file size is then.
Can post the results here for others to see if that is ok.

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This Works

Nothing have been wrote to stripes.log since the change.

thanks for reporting the issue and for telling the results!


Followed steps above. Currently sitting at 12.6 GB for the Stripes file. To “get back” that space, do we need to delete the file?

Also, the pg.xlog directory has grown to 16 GB. Can the old files in there be deleted? There is a file per day.

do we have answer for the same