Stuck on "Secure Storage" password

Hello all,

I’m trying to launch my RPA Express.
Unfortunately, it requests a password for Secure Storage that I don’t have.
Is there any way to reset that password?
PASS does not work.

Thank you!

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Hi @ValentinPM, when launching the Studio for the first time, you need to set this password. So you need to insert any password you want.

If you already set some password and forgot about it, you can reset it using this instruction

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Many thanks, @ashapkina

Just to let you know, that the pop-up blocked me to shut down Studio.
I couldn’t kill the process in Task Manager either.
I had to reboot my workstation (not a big deal tho), but maybe add a button to skip the Secure Storage log in pop up would be nice.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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I have installed the latest Intelligent Automation Cloud 2.4. When i am launching it, i am getting an error as Unable to load default server profile. Below is the screenshot for reference.

i need a quick support on this . kindly help.

@shivangee_sunX try the solution above
Stuck on "Secure Storage" password

Thanks for letting know @ValentinPM

Thanks, it worked for me!

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Glad it helped :slightly_smiling_face: