Studio won't open: plugin error in the logs

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated as I’ve failed to fix it by reinstalling or doing anything else.

My RPA Express simply stopped being able to open its recorder studio. It opens right up to the recorder studio for a second and the crashes with the response: An error has occurred, see log at workspace.metadata.log

This log seems to indicate the error below: Node path “/com.workfusion.stud .plugin” is not valid

!MESSAGE [ServerProfilesService(15)] Error during instantiation of the implementation object
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Node path “/com.workfusion.stud .plugin” is not valid.

Can you share the screenshot of the error and the full log?

So, you tried uninstalling RPA Express and then installing again and the issue still persists?


I was actually able to resolve this but wiping the entire user account from windows.
Once I set it up again, I was able to reconfigure RPA express and proceed.


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Thank you for the update @abuwule