Submission Statistics showing double


I started a business process in the control tower where I uploaded 1500 records. I set the ‘Try to repair failed tasks’ to zero yet under the Submission Statistics it’s showing it processed 3000 records.
Why is it doubling?


Hi @svarela1a.
How many steps are in your business process?

There is only 1.

Thank you. Did task fail and after repairing process input records one more time?

No tasks failed. Also, I’ve set the retry to zero so even if they did fail they shouldn’t be executed again.

Thank you. It looks strange. Can you please advise RPA Express version? You can find it in Control Panel - Programs and Features.

We are using 2.3.4

Thank you, @svarela1a. This is not double, but just sum of input data and processes records:
If you would like to know how much records were processed, you need to have a look at “Processed Records”.

Hi Lera,

Can you explain why it would be summed up? That makes little to no sense at all and is very confusing for reporting.

Hi @svarela1a.
Sorry for late response. As I know, it was implemented this way long time ago. As I mentioned, you should look at Processed Records field to see how much records were processed.