Substring between action - escaping special characters

I am trying to use a “substring between” action in order to extract text from a variable. I want the substring after a dollar sign and , of course, the program throws an exception since dollar symbol is a special character. How can i use the substring action for the dollar sign properly?

Hi @ptsioumas.

This may not be the most efficient workaround, but what i have done is to store the $ in a string variable and then reference the variable in the Substring Between action. I have a screenshot below for reference purposes:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hey Team,

I have trying to take text between " ( " and " ) ". can you please help me to take text. It gives error.

Below is my string


I want to take string +12.23.

Please suggest solution…

Hi @amol_sonavane

I produced the following actions and it worked correctly (screenshot below):

I used the same text you gave me.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Athos

I am trying your example. But it gives me error. Please check below snapshots



Could you please send the full execution error details text for me to have a look?


@athos.whittington I think the issue is in variable name “new” . It is one of groovy keywords:

@amol_sonavane try changing the variable name.

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Thanks @ashapkina I missed that one… :blush:

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Great…its working …thanks a lot

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