Super slow when switching windows



It happens especially for switching windows from one excel file to another. It took about 2-3 mins to do the switching.

Anyone encountered this?


@Qi_Zhou_Singtel, please add more details, screenshot of your flow will help us.

You can also use Excel actions instead of opening files manually -


I already overwrote the window switching actions using other actions.

basically, it does the following:

  1. open on excel file, do some copy and paste
  2. open another excel file, do some copy and paste
    Loop starts
  3. switch to excel in step 1, do some copy and paste
  4. switch to excel in step 2, do some copy and paste
    Loops ends

I used the window action to do the excel file switching. All the actions were performed relatively fast. however, the window switching actions take 1-2 mins to complete…



Thanks for your example. We will try to fix this in the upcoming releases. You can help priorotize this issue by voting for it (a button near the topic name).


switching windows is still slow in 1.1.6



try to adjust this setting:


now in 1.1.6 it works much faster. great work!

also tested in control tower. similar switching speed as observed in recorder mode


thank you, the above setting works 100%



This setting is working for few windows in my case. I am working on desktop like application. So while switching from browser/excel to the desktop application, the switch window action is taking 20-30 seconds. Please help me solve this problem.