Switch Window action failing in version 1.1.6

I recently upgraded to v 1.1.6
I am getting error in “Switch Window” action. I wasn’t getting this error in earlier version. I can see the window option but still error comes.
The error is -


Hi @urvashi.singla
Please attach an archived recording to help us investigate the issue. Thanks


PFA the zip file. IATraining.zip (2.6 KB)


Is your Excel file open? “Stock Performance - Excel”

Yes. It open fine.

any help here?

Have had similar issue. Re-did all the Window Actions and that seems to clear it up. But problem was intermittent and occurred more often in the scheduler.

try to use the Part of window title option

Tried both. Also created a brand new recording in new workspace. Still facing similar issue. Also facing issue when try to open Outlook.

The Window action issues should be fixed in 1.1.8 when we introduce a new automation driver

By when should we expect it?

in 3 weeks

I have the same issue.
Version 1.4.0-beta

error details is attached
Test1_Error.txt (7.3 KB)

Hi, @alina_grishanova
can you also share node logs
you can find it in $INSTALL_DIR/RPA/logs
There should be a Node log file
please, attach it here

I found only this log filerpa-node0-2018-04-06.0.log (157.8 KB)

Thank you, @alina_grishanova
there was an issue with window() action, which will be fixed in next release
try to use window() action without timeout

Could you please advice:
What do you mean “without time out” ? As I see I have [0] time out

Command duration or timeout: 0 milliseconds

I have same problem with two recordings, worked fine before updating to 1.4.

Timeout is 0 milliseconds.