Switch window action in Control Tower is slow



Good day

How does one speed up the switch window in control tower…



Hi Gerhard, does it work fast in the recorder and is only slow in Control Tower?


extremely slow in the Control Tower, it is very quick in the recorder


Yes, you are right - the action is executed very slowly on Control Tower.
We have created a task to investigate it.

In the meantime, try using this script action instead of the Switch window action.

def customScript() {
   switchToExistingWindow("[TITLE:window-title]", 10000);

Does it speed up the execution?

Bot process running slower on Control Tower

Good day,

we have tested the script now - It doesnt work - Trying to switch between two excel documents or between outlook and excel - give the below error message


is this script for Web window only or can it be used for application window switch as well?

Are we going something maybe wrong in the code - wrong syntax or something:

Have tried 2 different ones and both fails:


def customScript() {
   switchToExistingWindow(**"[Float Order Doc - Excel]"**, 1000);



def customScript() {
   switchToExistingWindow(**"Float Order Doc - Excel"**, 1000);

PS this is really a big problem, as my process in RPA express runs for 3-4 hours and in control tower more than 10 hours becuase of the switch window slow in Control tower issue

Thanks so much


@wilmar_meyer2K You need to include the selector TITLE


def customScript() {
switchToExistingWindow("[TITLE:Float Order Doc]", 1000);



my Title includes “- excel” does it have to be specific or without the “-excel” ?




It should work both ways.


Thanks its working in RPA express now -Will test in Control tower shortly


Hi there, i have measure the time now with the new script- it takes 6 sec with RPA express and ± 49/50 sec with control tower - it doesnt sound alot but when the bot does 160 emails to process, it makes a very big difference

all the other window switch function work relatively quick, but the two where I have tested the Scrip and where my biggest delays lay, is both times after a key stroke “Ctrl +c” - I copy something from one excel and then switch window to another excel doc after the copy, both time the delay exist when it a copy switch window sequence -

May this info will help - I dont see the delay any where else, only the “copy” piece

See the two coding scenarios below:






This issue was fixed in version 2.0
Switch to window now works faster in Control Tower.