SwitchToPrevWindow does not work in Control Tower

Hi Team,

I can run the process including “switchToPrevWindow” in WorkFusion Studio, but if I run it on the Control Tower, I get an error.

The first attempt will succeed, but the second will result in an error.
I tried “switchToRootWindow” or “window(”${window_name}")" instead of “switchToPrevWindow” but got the same error.

[My Program]

[Error log]

Caused by: org.webharvest.exception.PluginException: com.workfusion.studio.rpa.recorder.playback.PlaybackException: Error executing TemplateAction[templateName=CustomScriptAction.ftl,id=7,name=Optional[CustomScriptAction],parent=6,nextSibling=8,arguments=ActionArguments[delay=[3000],xsi:type=[recorder:CustomScriptAction, recorder:CustomScriptAction],name=[switchToPrevWindow],active=[true],actionDetails=[(switchToPrevWindow)],script=[@CustomScriptAction(

def customScript() {

Hi @aya could you please share your recording so we can reproduce the error from our side?

I was able to solve the problem myself.

The following procedure will fail.

  1. switchToNextWindow
  2. switchToPrevWindow
  3. switchToNextWindow -> Error occurred
  4. switchToPrevWindow

The following procedure will succeed.

  1. switchToLastWindow
  2. Close child window.
  3. switchToRootWindow
  4. switchToLastWindow
  5. Close child window.
  6. switchToRootWindow

I attach my recording of success and failure.
sample-failure-pattern.txt (3.6 KB)
sample-success-pattern.txt (4.2 KB)


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This solution isn’t working in my situation I’m afraid. The switchToRootWindow is marked as completed although no switch is executed, the following actions do not execute either. Can you advise?


@peterht can you share your recording here?