SwitchWindowAction Error Randomly


The recorder randomly throws the SwitchWindowAction error on various steps in the process - Excel Window, Emulator Window, etc.Occurs in step 7, 70, etc…


I typically have the action set to wait 500ms for it to flip to the already open window. It occurs randomly but very often. I have leveraged the wait for image in some cases to get around it, but this is not viable for everything.



in your script you are switching to the “Server Session - FWAs4001.DICKIES.COM” window but it is not opened on your PC. So the new server session apparently will have another ID.

You can also increase the wait to 3000 ms.

Another option is to use a part of a window title:


Actually it is open, the group “Login to System 21 System” steps open the user sign-on window then that opens the FWAS4001.DICKIES.COM window and then the popups that occur open are unrecognized as well.



Please install the latest 1.1.6 release with an improved Window action.


Due to the issues with 1.1.5, I installed 1.1.6 when it came out.