TAB key is "filtered" in Citrix Receiver

Dear All,

We are working on the simple data entry to read the data from Excel and Simulate the Keystroke Entry in Citrix Receiver.

We would like to use “Tab Key” to navigate in Citrix receiver. However, seems the “TAB key” is FILTERED, we tried Both “Key combination” and “Type Text”, both are not working.

We also tried to put the string in Text to type which include Tab Key e.g “A B C”, but the result will be “ABC”

The same automation is working fine if not run on the Citrix Receiver.

We are using version 2.0beta.


Hi @tommy_lo

We are aware of this bug. Our engineers are already working on fixing it. I will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Thx Alesia ,

i think it is crucial for automation on Citrix Receiver. Look forward to your update on this.

Hi @tommy_lo this bug has been fixed in RPA Express 2.1.0.

Let me know if you have this issue again.