Table clearing/ Excel Cells


How to I clear all fields from a table or from a excel spreadsheet during a for loop (want new info every time) automatically

Thank you

@gerhardus_meyer Try using Constant Value action and replacing your table variable with an empty table.

it did work thanks

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@ashapkina I’ll correct this answer a bit. You shouldn’t add a new empty row as in ashapkina’s picture. Otherwise if you later append data into such list, 1st row will be an empty element and appended stuff start from 2nd row.

So correct way to is just to press Enter list and then OK

Afaik, simply leaving the Value field empty isn’t enough (in my test the list didn’t empty because of this I think). It gotta have those brackets []

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Thanks for your comment, Antti.
But I don’t think I added a row, I think it is there by default.

Hmm, for me there is no added row by default (just tested). Maybe it was different in old version. I’m using RPA 2.0