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I am trying to scrape data from a table in a browser. I tried the methods mentioned in

a) Selecting all the rows/columns is not supported by the table. So could not following first suggestion.
b) Right click on the table resulting in menu where I can add or remove columns. Because of this menu shown in the knowledge base does not appear.
c) I tried key strokes with ctrl+a and ctrl+v. Still could not copy the contents.

Is there any other way to copy all the data from a table?


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@dinesh_manivCW Hi Dinesh, could you post a link to the web page with the table?

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Sorry. Its an internal web page.

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@dinesh_manivCW Try this approach:

  • copy each table column in a list variable using xpath
  • combine them in a table using expressions

Here is a sample recording. (750 Bytes)

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