Table scraping from browser


I am trying to scrape data from a table in a browser. I tried the methods mentioned in

a) Selecting all the rows/columns is not supported by the table. So could not following first suggestion.
b) Right click on the table resulting in menu where I can add or remove columns. Because of this menu shown in the knowledge base does not appear.
c) I tried key strokes with ctrl+a and ctrl+v. Still could not copy the contents.

Is there any other way to copy all the data from a table?


@dinesh_manivCW Hi Dinesh, could you post a link to the web page with the table?


Sorry. Its an internal web page.

@dinesh_manivCW Try this approach:

  • copy each table column in a list variable using xpath
  • combine them in a table using expressions

Here is a sample recording. (750 Bytes)

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I would appreciate help with regards to the following case:

I have a list of client names on an excel sheet, once the names are inputted on a website a table appears for each name, the problem I am having is that the table scrapping script is only working without the loop( hence only if i put one name in a string).

I tried applying a for loop however it gives an error. I do not need to scrap the table and save the content .

Ultimately my goal is to:

  1. Input a name on a website

  2. A table appears

  3. Then i need to iterate through that table and look for a specif word( e.g. Category 1/Category 2)

  4. This word has to be returned on the excel sheet next to the clients names.

So you don’t need to save the table as a table, correct? You just need to check is there is a specific word in the table?

In this case, you can save the whole table in a String and check if it contains a particular phrase using If-Else condition.

So i must try scrapping a web table and putting the content in a string and then loop?

However i would like the results from the loop to be pasted into excel.

In the example above, the results are pasted in Notepad, but you can paste them in Excel

The first script i made does the exact same thing, however it only works for a single run, when i add a loop to loop a list of names, then iterate through the stored string to get the desired cat1/cat2, it gives an error.

The problem here seems to be that after its done taking the last name on the excel sheet and pasting onto a website, it tends to take the blank cell next and that gives an error.

I tried exception handling, however it loops continually and don’t execute any results.

also tried filtering…(1-*)