The Bot ignores actions after custom action script

Hello, I want to know because at the moment of creating a script with some steps to enter keys RPA Express ignores the following actions.
I think the problem is the memory of my pc, but I want to know others options.

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Hello @Gamaliel,

Thanks for your message! Could you please clarify your RPA Express version?
Also maybe you can share your script and tell on what step do you face the issue? Or at least make a screenshot of your actions flow.

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after the script 56 the for not function since action 57 to 66, but if i change for enterkeystrokes the sistem not ignore this for

@Gamaliel, hi again
Could you please clarify what does custom script on step #56 do?
Also could you show me the variable “imagenes”, what does it contain?

And also do you get any error or what exactly is wrong?

What version of RPA Express do you use? You can check RPA Express version via Control Panel - Programs - Programs and Features , see the example below.


i don’t know what is the problem, when i run the program doesn’t show me a error, just continue whit de action flow,
about my rpa version is the
the variable imagenes just is a list of diferent documents in .jpg for example:
just is for a cycle
and the action number 56 is in the next image.


Hi @Gamaliel so, basically, all actions in the loop are skipped.
Perhaps, the variable “imagenes” is empty, so the loop doesn’t start. You can check in the execution log if there are any values in it.

Hi @Gamaliel did you manage to solve this issue?

yeah, but the solutions is just change the order the custom script action but this is a real solution? because i check and the variable have content.
the foreach is ignored if this is continued after the custom script.
i have put another action between script and the foreach

Do you use Exception Handling in the recording?

If you do, it is possible that the custom action fails, and the bot skips all other actions in the Try block.